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I use Tower Trucks and Planes to Showcase Your Home

Using Tower Trucks To Showcase Your Home

Striking photos of your home are a sure fire bet to make your home stand out from the rest; whether they appear in the MLS, magazines, "take me" flyesr, internet search engines, or virtual tours.    

There are many times when ground level photos simply do not convey the full beauty of your home and it's surroundings. Sometimes, I use planes to accomplish this. In many cases, I use tower trucks.

Showcasing your home with the use of planes and tower trucks is a bit more complicated than you might think. It requires perfect timing. For example, if your home is on the waterfront, this needs to be done on a clear day where there is minimal haze. It also needs to be done at the time of day when your home sits between the tower truck (or plane) and the sun. This showcases your home under clear blue skies next to deep blue waters that literally sparkle. 

How much extra do you pay for this? Nothing. When you list your home with me, expect me to do whatever it takes to market and showcase your home in the best light possible. When you list with me, expect a very high level of service.

Below are some photos I have produced that demonstrate the value of showcasing your home using tower trucks

Priceless Photos

A tower truck photo can add thousands of dollars to your property, even a vacant lot. Why is that?  Take a look at the photo above, right. I used it to market a single story home built in the late fifties. The very desirable neighborhood is in the process of re-development, with 3 story mansions replacing the old 1950's era homes. By using a tower truck, I was able to demonstrate the potential views one might enjoy from a 2nd or 3rd floor.


Using Planes to Market Your Home and Neighborhood

Tower trucks aren't the only tool I use to showcase homes. I also use planes as needed to highlight selling points that can only be properly appreciated from the air.

For example, I listed on home in Palm Point that was located on a deep water canal leading directly to Lemon Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. I flew over the home taking photos to emphasize the proximity of the home to the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the beauty of the surrounding neighborhoods.

I used these dramatic photos as the basis of a marketing campaign that included a virtual tour with streaming video, MLS photos, real estate signs, and a media campaign that resulted in the home being featured as the featured home of the week.

The Cape Haze Peninsula is stunning from the air. To increase the desirability of your home, I have also created photo galleries that promote your neighborhood by demonstrating it's beauty using aerial shots. Please click here to view the photos.


Eagle Preserve


Palm Point

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