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Brett Slattery Real Estate Columns

Brett Slattery's real estate, business, and general interest columns are published in various newspapers throughout southwest Florida

To read the columns on the same day they are published, visit Brett's Slattery's Real Estate Blog by clicking here, or by subscribing to any of the  newspapers listed on the right. The phone numbers are listed below.

How does this benefit you? Each column includes a link to my website where I feature your property. This is a significant source of marketing exposure since the newspapers featuring my columns have a collective readership in excess of 100,000.

(877)  818-6204 (941) 681-3000 (941) 429-3000







(863) 494-7600 (941) 207-1000 (863) 494-7600

Sample Columns (2005 to 2007)

Google Earth - Real Estate Tool Click to Read
Abolish Property Taxes Click to Read
Average Joe (Flipper) Click to Read
The Two Minute Fix Click to Read
More on Super Homestead Exemption Click to Read
Dark Side of Tax Reform Click to Read
How to Monitor the World Click to Read
Real Estate: Champagne Time Click to Read
Hot Months for Real Estate Click to Read
Property Tax Secrets Click to Read
How Dad Kept Food on the Table Click to Read
New Golf Course & Amazing Nail Click to Read
How Overpriced is Typical Home? Click to Read
When Did Real Estate Market Peak? Click to Read
Words Flying Around the World Click to Read


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