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Publication: Englewood Sun;  Date: Dec 14, 2013;  Section: The Wire (State-Nation-World-Business);  Page: TW6

The Night Before New Year’s

    It was the night before New Year’s as they both fought back tears. Mortgage rates jumped a third since last year.

And up went home prices year over year. 22 percent to be quite clear.

Down from the chimney came Old St Nick. I’m running so late please give me my plate.

He gobbled two cookies and milk from the mantle. Said dry up those tears I know what’s the matter.

He pulled out a chart
from a red velvet bag. Said look at the rates here they still lag.

At four and a quarter with seven the norm. We’re still within a near perfect storm.

Cause homes still cost less than most homes to build. With prices up at the lumber mill.

And lo and behold
in through the door. Walks Uncle Sam with more gifts galore.

Deductions for interest property taxes, too. And tax-free profits, double for two.

Was the night before New Year’s when resolutions are born. They jumped off the fence a homestead was born.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Brett Slattery is Broker/ Owner of Brett Slattery Realty in Rotonda West and a real estate analyst for Suncoast Media. Reach him via 941-468-1430, Brett@ BrettSlattery.com, or www.BrettSlattery.com.

Brett Slattery

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Note: Brett Slattery is owner/broker of Brett Slattery Realty llc.

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