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Newspaper Columns

by (or about) Brett Slattery


Brett has been a contributing columnist to the Sun Coast Media Group newspapers since 2003.




Please Note:

Brett is currently on hiatus from writing newspaper columns to accommodate the increasing demand for his real estate services.

Most of his columns listed below contain useful information and concepts that do not change from year to year.


Listed below are Brett's real estate columns; the most recent first. They include:
  • Real estate columns from the past 2 years based on real time data.
  • Real estate columns going back 13 years that contain information still useful today.
  • Human interest stories by and about Brett.

All Columns: © Copyright 2003-2018 Sun Coast Media Group, Inc.



09/07/19 Should you sell your home to Zillow?
08/10/19 Consider resale when building new home Posted 08/10/19
06/14/19 I'm not going anywhere
06/02/19 Will Zillow errors hinder sale?
05/26/19 Couple clears lot manually
05/19/19 Must buyers acknowledge HOA?
05/12/19 Must you be age 55 to live in a 55+ community?
05/05/19 Portability can slash property taxes 
10/28/19 How do I list my double-lot home?
l0/21/19 How Dad kept food on the table
04/14/19 Are your drone photos against the law?
04/07/19 Why does The Sun publish tax certificates?
03/31/19 Should condo complexes allow rentals  
03/24/19 Avoid costly home inspection defects.
03/17/19 What is my home's replacement cost?
03/10/19 More seniors are aging in place.
02/24/19 Appraisal sabotages new construction 
02/17/19 Where do you get your data?
02/10/19 Do sellers need a home inspection?
02/03/19 Should I clear my lot?
01/27/19 Mysterious stick-homes dot hillside
01/20/19 Who pays for electrical panel?
01/13/19 Are there easements on my property?  
01/06/19 Who are the out-of-state-buyers?
12/30/19 Pitfalls of the Median Sales Price 
12/23/18 Stories behind the Christmas lights
12/16/18 Home prices up 7.3% in 2018
12/09/18 Smart phone tips for new Realtors
12/02/18 Pros and cons of a crawl space
11/25/18 How valid are deed restrctions
11/18/18 What other readers say
11/11/18 Use your senses to detect leaky pipes
11/04/18 Some favorite money-saving tips
10/28/18 The truth about FIRPTA
10/21/18 Red tide's impact on home prices 
10/14/18 That house is not for sale 
10/07/18 Whats best? Deed or non-restricted?
09/30/18 Don't lose your property to adverse possession
09/23/18 Time your move for tax portability
09/16/18 Don't let them in your home
09/09/18 Can I build on a gopher tortoise lot?
09/02/18 What homes have appreciated the most?
08/26/18 Easy way to search past editions
08/19/18 Is my home worth the median sales price?
08/12/18 Shouldn't homes and lots increase proportionately?
08/05/18 Airbnb defends right to rent homestead.
07/29/18 How to locate lots and boundaries
07/22/18 What engine is the Best?
07/15/18 Is your home at risk from rising seas?
07/01/18 Should I buy a spec home? 
06/24/18 January-May home values up 10 percent 
06/17/18 Guess who's watching you?
06/10/18 Renting your homestead? Be very careful!  
06/03/18 Prioritize renovations to maximize ROI
05/20/18 Correlation does not imply Causation 
05/13/18 How do I correct my Zestimate?  
05/06/18 Got deeded access? Prove It.  
04/29/18 What is deeded beach access?  
04/22/18 How to streamline the closing  
04/15/18 This boom is different  
04/08/18 Better to use same Realtor  
04/01/18 Proposal could redefine hurricane season 
03/25/18 Do sellers need a home inspection? 
03/18/18 Why don't Realtors turn out the lights? 
03/11/18 It's too late once roof leaks 
03/04/18 How to get free elevation certificate 
02/25/18 Save big bucks on home insurance
02/11/18 These are questions for a CPA
02/04/18 Test your real estate math skills
01/28/18 Find the right home for your dog  
01/21/18 Use home to protect assets
01/14/18 Is it okay to sell home sight unseen?
01/07/18: Where to find your home's work history 
01/01/18: Brett's predictions for 2018
12/31/17: Pre-Approval is a buyers best friend
12/24/17: What day owns midnight?
12/17/17: Whats the return on home improvements?
12/03/17 Where not to plant trees
11/18/17 Seller lease-backs a useful too
10/21/17 Will hurricane IRMA hurt my home value
10/14/17 How to shop for a vacant lot
09/23/17 How to know if you lost power (after a hurricane)
09/16/17 Tips and observations from Irma
09/02/17 How much will seawall increase property tax?
08/19/17 Will this affect my ability to sell?
08/05/17 New listing features a formal sinning room
07/22/17 When should I sell my home?
07/08/17 Is title insurance a scam?
06/24/17 Uncover the history of a home
06/11/17 Can I combine and homestead 2 properties?
05/27/17 Is the home in an X-Flood Zone?
05/13/17 Why use local lenders?
04/29/17 When were hurricanes implemented (Reprint from 05/04/14)
04/15/17 Listen to the experts in real estate
04/01/17 Bedspread derails $335,000 sale Posted 04/08/17
03/18/17 Do you have buyers for my home? Posted 04/08/17
02/18/17 Premium screening worth the price.  Posted 04/08/17
02/04/17 Why homes have red lights Posted 04/08/17

Some Rotonda Questions Answered

(published in some editions as

 "Discover little-known facts about Rotonda West)

01/21/17 Tips for aspiring Realtors
01/07/17 How to find anything in Charlotte County
12/24/16 Home value is a mix of art and science
12/10/16 Will artic blast heat up sales?

Can I reset home value to lower taxes?

How rate hikes affect buyers.

11/14/16 What can you do with a drone?
10/29/16 Now's a good time to downsize
10/15/16 Should seller allow storage prior to closing?
09/03/16 Early bird buyer gets the home
08/20/16 As-Is contracts are a double-edged sword
08/06/16 Seller credit-backs cost more than meet the eye
07/23/16 The advantages of verbal communications
07/09/16 Did we miss the boat on buying?
06/25/16 Why not talk about condominiums?
06/16/16 Boca Grande prices soar 52 percent in one year
05/28/16 Property taxes confuse sellers
05/14/16 Did I list my home too low?
04/30/16 Do cash buyers get a discount?
04/17/16 Should I fire my Realtor
04/02/16 Wire transfers hijacked
03/05/16 Leveraging home ownership into wealth
02/20/16 Schedule vendors long before closing
01/24/16 The timeless essence of West Charlotte County
01/23/16 Are new home sales driving up statistics?
01/23/16 Photo: Red shouldered hawk
01/09/16 Is that really a river?
12/12/15 Why is the local home inventory so low?
11/28/15 Is that a logical conclusion? 
11/14/15 Are 4 bedrooms worth more than 3? 
10/31/15 Home, wind, and four point inspections
10/17/15 Real Estate-Looking at the big picture  
10/03/15 Condo Buying Tips  
09/19/15 Be ready for home inspection  
09/05/15 A guide to Florida Living
08/22/15 Builders cope with labor shortage
08/08/15 Six common real estate myths
07/11/15 Does tax exemption survive death?
06/27/15 Before you list your home
05/30/15 Prefirm homes and mansions
05/16/15 What to know about tax certificates
05/02/15 Here come the drones
04/18/15 Flood insurance alert
04/04/15 Severe penalities for property tax evasion
03/21/15 Where to search for homes online.
03/07/15 Is debt-forgiveness taxable?
02/21/15 Where to find down payment help
02/07/15 Can I stay in my home after closing?
01/24/15 How oil prices affect real estate
01/10/15 Flood and homeowners insurance update.
12/27/14 Homeowners profit from leverage
11/15/14 Is time on market a red flag?
11/01/14 Difference between a Realtor and agent
10/18/14 Preparing listing photos and showings
10/04/14 Is there a real estate app for this?
09/20/14 How much do Realtors make?
09/06/14 How much does a swimming pool cost?
08/23/14 Portability reduced property tax by $13,000.
08/09/14 Overcoming low home appraisals.
07/27/14 Realtors experiences hot demand, short supply
07/26/14 When the mortgage lenders says "No"
07/14/14 Id, dog, luggage problems to follow

(How to board a plane with no ID)

07/12/14 How accurate is Zillow?
06/28/14 How to correct Zillow information
06/14/14 I just bought a home- What Now?
 05/31/14 The great two-minute fix Fixation
05/17/14 Tips for Aspiring Realtors
05/03/14 When were hurricane codes impletemented?
04/19/14 Lot prices have doubled in 2 years
04/05/14 Why do monthly prices deviate so much?
03/22/14 The changing plane of real estate photography
03/08/14 A darker side to flood insurance reform
02/22/14 Real Estate - The big picture
02/08/14 Using drones for real estate photos
01/25/14 Will this trick the property appraiser?
01/11/14 Who enforces deed restrictions?
01/01/14 Sunny home forecast - Special Year End Report
12/14/13 The night before New Years
11/16/13 How do I select a Realtor?
11/02/13 Tips for viewing homes
10/19/13 Home prices continue to surge - 3rd Quarter 2013 by zip code
10/05/13 How to avoid potholes
09/21/13 Appraisal surprises, entitlements, and redistribution
09/07/13 Real Estate - entitlements and redistribution
08/24/13 Act fast to cut property taxes
08/10/13 The buying frenzy and flood insurance
07/27/13 Are waterfront homes driving up prices?
07/13/13 Prices up sharply in 2nd quarter 2013
07/27/13 Are waterfront homes driving prices up?
06/29/13 Are you in forclosure? Read this.
06/15/13 Can I lock in today's interest rates?
06/01/13 Understanding home inspections
05/18/13 What not to ask your Realtor
05/04/13 Discover the personality of your street.

(The 20113 Charlotte County Street Report)

04/16/13 Should I pay cash or finance my home?
04/12/13 Median home prices up - By zip code - Special Report to the Sun
04/06/14 Be your own real estate detective
04/01/13  Proposal to redefine hurricane season
03/23/13 Top 5 real estate myths
03/09/13 How many lots should I buy?
02/23/13 Should I switch Realtors?
02/09/13 The corrleation of home value to age
01/26/13 How big is my house?
01/12/13 Should I sell my home As-Is
12/29/12 The History of our building booms
12/15/12 Tell your Realtor about your lifestyle
12/01/12 Snowbird update: Prices trend up sharply
11/17/12 Real estate math 101
11/08/12 How to send documents at light speed
10/20/12 Should I fill in my swimming pool?
10/06/12 Eligibility expanded for BP oil Claims
09/22/12 Why do homes sell above list price?
08/25/12 Real estate scams and fake cashiers checks
07/28/12 Surviving Realtors see more business
07/14/12 Scanners, backups, and appraisers
06/30/12 Cash deals and wind mitigation
06/16/12 From smart meters to smart gadgets
06/02/12 What to know about flood insurance
05/27/12 Insurance crisis could halt real estate sales
05/19/12 Real Estate's hottest zip codes.
05/05/12 Are happy days here again?
04/26/12 The truth about garage sales - an alternative to garage sales.
04/08/12 Scrub jay plan a huge win for everyone
03/24/12 The advantages of Quicken and Turbo Tax
03/11/12 Sell your home with a virtual boat tour.
02/25/12 From appraisals to wasp spray
02/11/12 Did our real estate market hit bottom?
01/28/12 Effects of Property Tax Reform
01/14/11 Deadline coming for distressed sale tax break
12/31/11 Kickoff for the real estate season.
12/18/11 How much is your house worth?
12/04/11 Charlotte's largest employers, highest paying jobs
11/19/11 Bold plan offers quick fix for foreclosures, economy, jobs
11/05/11 Foreclosure victims may be due compensation
09/24/11 Why most builders don't build green homes
08/27/11 Property Apprasier's web site a data gold mine
08/13/11 Magic of QR Codes
07/30/11 Rust colored paints hides well-water stains
07/02/11 Bankruptcy vs. short sale and foreclosure
06/18/11 The Unique Mystique of Rotonda West
06/04/11 Streamline Business with Electronic Signatures
05/07/11 Red light cameras - What's next?
05/21/11 Cost of Green Homes Coming Down
04/29/11 Majority of Home Sales Occur Off-Season
02/26/11 Vacant Lots a Good Investment, But do your Homework.
02/20/11 Wildlife photographer takes risks to get the right shot
02/12/11 The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates on Buyers and Sellers
01/29/11 A Strategy for Locking in Low Home Prices
01/15/11 Understanding our Local Real Estate Market
11/20/10 Why are Real Estate Headlines so Confusing?
11/16/10 Local Builder Bucks the Trend

Fix me or let me go - Ode to Odie

06/23/10 One on one with the Legends of Rock and Roll
06/22/10 Coral snakes love hot dogs.
06/10/10 Hurricane proof your precious data
06/03/09  Being a Dad Means Being a Sports Fan
04/04/09  Hate Filling Out Forms? - Get This - Brett Slattery business column
02/25/09  Real Estate - The Best of Both Worlds
06/28/07 The Two Minute Fix - Fixation
06/14/07 How to Monitor the World
05/10 07 What months are Hot for Real Estate
04/02/07 Property Tax Secrets
03/08/07 How Dad Kept Food on the Table
09/19//05 Evacuating Rotonda
03/09/05 Potholes - How to get them fixed.

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