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The Power of Photos

Nothing captures the beauty and essence of a home like high resolution, professional quality photos. And nothing entices buyers like a vivid, "you are there" photographic experience.

People love pictures. "" statistics indicate that the vast majority of buyers and renters focus their attention on those listings that have the most photos. This is great news for you.

Today, nearly all prospects rely on the internet to find a home or villa. But very few listings and virtual tours include professional quality photos that stir emotions and excite the buyer. This presents you with a golden opportunity to stand out from the competition by showcasing your home with large, vivid photos that create a strong desire to "be there".

Of course, producing professional quality photos requires experience, knowledge, and specialized equipment. That's why real estate photo shoots can easily cost up to $5,000. Fortunately, you can empower your listing with high class photos and it won't cost you a dime!

Real Life Examples

As a Realtor and professional photographer, I constantly witness the power of high quality photography to market property. Here's a couple examples.

Last year, I met a couple who flew here from Arizona. They had seen a virtual tour that included large, vivid photos I took to market a listing they were interested in. They flew across the country to view it, and are now the very proud owners of that home. It was the photos that motivated them to fly across the country and buy the home.

On another occasion, I was informed that a client was flying in from Europe to view another home I was promoting with pictures. They had to cancel their flight because another couple who were also mesmerized by the photos purchased it the same day they saw it, sight-unseen, based solely on the photos. 

I have become so impressed with the power of photos to entice and mesmerize prospects, that I now create a photo-rich  virtual tour for nearly every property I list, including vacant lots. 

About my Photography

I have studied photography most of my life, but took it to a much higher level out of necessity to properly market my real estate listings.

I specialize in real estate photography, and occasionally use tower trucks and/or planes to capture the right shots.

I am also an avid wildlife photographer and use these photos to promote the appeal of living on the Cape Haze Peninsula. Hundreds of my photos appear yearly in southwest Florida newspapers and magazines, highlighting the beauty of wildlife of Rotonda West, Cape Haze, and surrounding areas. 

- Brett Slattery      









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