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Impromptu Air Show

 over Rotonda West and Cape Haze


This morning I was reading the morning Sun, when literally out of the blue sky, there appeared a dozen WWII vintage aircraft that flew in low formations over my home. They flew repeated arcs over Rotonda West and Cape Haze. I have no idea where they came from, but it is very exciting. I grabbed my son's camera and snapped these photos as they flew over my home in Oakland Hills. I stood in  a wide open field of grass. I think I was visible to the low flying pilots because they released a stream of smoke several times as they flew over me.

Rotonda West is a bird sanctuary, but I never expected to see so many colorful and large birds at once. Be sure to check out the last photo. I caught a shot of a bald eagle and T28 flying together. What a sight!




Pictured below:

A T28, WWII trainer (I think) shares the skies over my Rotonda West home with a bald eagle.






























































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