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Aviation Day

Photos by Brett Slattery


Saturday, 02/02/08, was a beautiful day for aviation throughout our area. I snapped the pictures below at a B17 & B25 "Warbirds" tour.  The B17 used Venice Airport as a base offering tours and rides on the historic, WWII aircraft.  The B17 could be seen throughout our area in late afternoons as lucky patrons enjoyed the sunset from the World War II warbird.

Further down, a brilliantly colored biplane took off from Bucahn Field, circled a few times, then disappeared into the sunset.

Dave & the Segway:


Wisconsin transplant, and now long term local resident Dave Swatek enjoys the show with his own mode of transportation, a Segway. Dave has lived in Venice about 2 years, and Englewood for about 20 years. Dave reports the only maintenance needed during his 10 months of ownership has been a shot or two of air into the tires. It runs on a 12 hour charge. (Dave, to save your pictures to disk, RIGHT-click the picture and select "save picture" from the pop up menu. Thank you for you kind offer to test drive the Segway! - Brett Slattery

Below: An unidentified pilot takes off from Buchan Field into a beautiful, Saturday Afternoon sky. 02/02/08

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