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Wild and Scenic Photo Galleries

The Cape Haze Peninsula, and surrounding areas, are nothing less than a magical wonderland of pristine, natural beauty and amazing non-stop wildlife shows. A colleague expressed it best when he told me "living here is like living in the middle of the Discovery Channel."  

There is no way to capture the beauty of our area with words. So I do it on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis, with pictures.

Please come visit me here often. I sometimes update this page more than once a day. There's a lot of amazing sights to see here. Enjoy!


Gallery 1


Pine Valley



Wood Stork

Blue Jays

Englewood Beach Jet

Chadwick Park

Pelicans at sunset

Tom Adams Bridge

Hawk attack

Blue Jays in birdbath


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Gallery 2


Englewood Beach

Diving Pelicans

Hungry Gulls

White butterfly

Englewood Beach

Osprey with crows

Birds in Preserve


Huge Sunset



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Gallery 3


Wild pigs up close


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Gallery 4


Easter Sunday Clouds



Jacaranda in bloom

Mockingbird berries

Autumn Foilage



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Gallery 5


Autumn Foilage

Sneaking up on boars



Mockingbird on birdbath

Animal tunnels

Colorful backyard


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Gallery 6


Great Horned owl

Bob White (quail)


Blue Jay up close

Sunset streamer

How vines climb

Yellow Warbler

Hawk at sunset

(wire lit gold by sunset)

Coyote at noon

Red berries contrast

Sun's final seconds

(Englewood Beach)

Checkers CR775

Butterfly with bee

Sunset Skies


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Gallery 7


Wild pigs

Lemon Bay Golf Club

Englewood Beach


Alligator or Crockadile

Dolphin chasing fish

Sea birds

Windward wildlife

Coral Creek

Egrets learning to fly

Coral Creek Dam



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Gallery 8


Intercoastal Waterway


Palm Island Ferry

Woodpecker up close

Englewood Beach

2 Pelicans at Sunset

Vivid Beach Sunset

Rotonda Lakes

Marker 17

(formerly Stump Pass Marina)

White Pelicans

Thundercloud from Above

Bald Eagle in backyard


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Halloween on

Mark Twain Ln


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Air Show over

Rotonda West &Cape Haze

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August 2010

Pileated Woodpecker

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